CD - Ten Stories always on the verge...

CD - Ten Stories always on the verge of trouble



"Ten stories always on the verge of trouble" 8 incredible songs born from the genius of Antonio Bucci and 2 highly sought-after covers, masterfully performed by the incredible Naftalinas with the contribution of exceptional guests.

Stories told with histrionic sympathy arranged with intelligence and taste ranging from jazz to the most classic pop passing through ska and ragtime. A never banal CD that tirelessly chases sounds, characters and stories that clearly trace the images of a world populated by very real but eclectic and grotesque characters.

The Naftalinas are perfectly convincing in integrating with the guests who enhance and embellish even more all the songs: as perfect hosts they make the "comparsate" opportunities for exchange and integrations that make the product of the ukulelist band even more original and unique.

A light, funny, romantic, anthropological and singer-songwriter CD in which it is easy to find your favorite song.

1 | South Seas 3:45

2 | Cesarini Area 03:40

3 | Everyone wants to learn to play gipsy jazz 04:15

4 | Alien World!!! 03:48

5 | Twenty kilometers per day 03:48

6 | Argentina 78 04:37

7 | Torino Jimmi e le volanti 4:28

8 | I will love you until I kill myself 3:51

9 | Only Child 3:59

10 | Imagined Love 2:39

The Naftalinas were born in 2014 from a friendship born online on the pages of the site and cemented in one of the editions of the festival of theukulele of Vicenza.

Cesare Antonio Vincenzo and Davide come from different places and from profoundly different musical experiences but they agree on an essential point for this new project: to fish out and revive songs now buried under kilos of cobwebs and mothballs, the one in the closets and drawers of grandmothers.

Thus were born a series of covers with a mestizo soul that revive and give new life to songs by Carosone Arigliano and Conte among others Jacqueline Rino Gaetano.

We call the genre spaghetti Swing where spaghetti can be seasoned with a thousand things while remaining a good dish. The songs are often mixed together with soundtracks, film suggestions and everything that represents an ancestral memory.

Thanks to this vision of ours over the years we have participated in several national contests and we have in turn become the creators of a small festival that has been taking place for four years in Pavia, the Uke Invasion.

Live shows are an important slice for our experience but compared to other groups we being workers from other sectors have centellinato the appearances looking more for participation in events that could also mean a moment of growth and aggregation with other people, trying to fully grasp the spirit of the Hawaiian instrument.

Irony and desire to play are among the aspects that distinguish us and this led us to also look for clothing that was lived with joy by the public.

We can be and we have therefore been comically Legionaries, Sailors, Gypsies and so much altro always thinking about what the next disguise would be like.

In the last year, saturated with a world made of too many covers, we have started recording our first album that could see the light in Spring 2019.

Convinced that it can be a masterpiece of this kind we intend to ensure that it is distributed throughout the world and to do this we would like to use audio cassettes as the latest technology ... also because we are convinced that the only way to be fashionable for us is to be totally out of fashion.


Antonio Bucci placeholder image Accordion ukulele and choirs

Davide Camilletti placeholder image Bass and ukulele

Cesare Cortassa placeholder image Voice and ukulele

Vincenzo Vona placeholder image Ukulele and backing vocals

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