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Since 2008, the has been Europe's best stocked ukulele shop with over 400 different products on sale.
Born at the same time as the first ukulele festival in Italy, from an idea of Mimmo Peruffo and Daniela Gaidano (owners of Aquila corde armoniche), the's first aim was to make quality ukuleles available in Italy, which at the time were difficult to find in Europe. In a short time, the shop became an international reference point for lovers of the instrument.

Mahimahi: the birth of a brand

The conviction that the social potential of the ukulele is no less than its musical potential has led the Mercatino to immediately support the projects of those who bring the ukulele into hospitals (Dottor Clown), prisons, retirement homes and social care communities. However, all of this requires the availability of good quality musical instruments at an affordable price, which is why they have created their own line of ukuleles, MahiMahi Ukulele. If the brand name is the result of a funny misunderstanding on the web (MahiMahi is not the dolphin fish, but the Lampuga), the Mahimahi line is guided by a constant principle: to amaze with the quality of the sound and the low price rather than with the aesthetic variety of the offer. Few lines, therefore, the result of an essential design as Italian elegance teaches us, enriched by a stimulating pinch of history and tradition. The Yellow, in fact, recreates Marilyn's ukulele in "A Qualcuno Piace Caldo" while the 7G has the sober lines of the legendary Martin 0 series.

The project takes shape:

In 2010, Luca Scalco joined the Mercatino staff. In addition to taking care of customer management and the website, he will also be able to follow up the many new projects: many schools are opening their doors to this fabulous means of musical literacy.

Personal enthusiasm leads us to continue organising wonderful festivals and finding new collaborations and synergies. In recent years, we have also established a joint venture with Youkulele, the Italian forum dedicated to the world of the ukulele, which was born thanks to the support of the Mercatino from an idea and the constant passion and commitment of Jontom.
The support to many initiatives related to the ukulele and the trust of an increasing number of musicians confirms the central role of the in the work of popularizing the ukulele in Europe.

In 2012 the Caldogno Ukulele Meeting receives enthusiastic reviews all over Europe, is even a springboard for many artists and is now a catalyst for musical projects both among the public and among professionals on stage. This success has led to further growth for the Mercatino: Anna Peruffo joined the staff in 2012.

Ukulele: an infectious success

In response to the growing market demand, the Mercatino is now also a distributor of Mahimahi ukuleles, including Shortbassone and iUke ukuleles as well as a European exclusive.

In 2017 the Ukulele Market moved to new premises, complete with showroom and stage, in Caldogno Vicenza.

In 2021 Carlo Concato joins the staff with the task of preparing and setting up the instruments sold and .

The passion continues:

In order to always be able to guarantee quality and competence of the highest level, the staff of the Ukulele Market is committed to continuous training through seminars and lectures related to the world of violin making and marketing.

We are constantly engaged in international travel in search of new contacts with suppliers and customers: in addition to participating in the most important national fairs, we regularly attend trade fairs in Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

The showroom in Vicenza can only be visited by appointment.
In 2017 the Ukulele Market moved to new premises, complete with showroom and stage, in Caldogno Vicenza.




Administrative and logistics manager

Luca Scalco

Luca Scalco

Sales and purchasing manager

Carlo Concato

Carlo Concato

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