Tenor Ukulele

The most popular size among guitarists and soloists; in short, for those who want to range over a wide fretboard: the larger body guarantees a rich sound and the string efficiency gives better attack and limited sustain to the sound. Although it is not the original size, it is very popular among virtuosos in the USA and Hawaii because of the greater possibilities of a comfortable fretboard with a higher number of frets.

  • Vibrating length: 43cm
  • Total length: 66cm
  • Keys: 17-19
  • Extension:  C4 / D6
  • Standard Tuning:
    G4 C4 E4 A4
  • Other Tunings:
    G3 C4 E4 A4
    D3 G3 B3 E4
    gCCEAa (tenore 6 corde)
    GgCcEEAA (tenore 8 corde)
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