Ukulele Banjo

Born around 1917, the banjo ukulele, also called banjolele or banjo uke, is a special model of ukulele in which the soundboard is replaced by a heads stretched around a wood ring that gives the instrument a special tone and a higher volume. It is possible to find banjo ukuleles in soprano, concert or tenor sizes.

  • Standard Tuning: G4 C4 E4 A4
  • Other Tunings:
    A4 D4 F4 B4
    G3 C4 E4 A4
    G3 D4 A4 E5
Banjo concert Iuke
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Ukulele Banjo

Banjo concert Iuke

Banjo ukulele historical George Formby style: tuned with a beautiful warm and very powerful sound. Maximum attention to detail: the mechanics to tune the skin are of the highest level. Comfortable and well-balanced handle. The weight is really low for such a tool.
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