Low Ukulele

The Ubass is a true short scale bass. The only thing it has in common with the ukulele is that it is the same length as the baritone ukulele.

  • Vibrating length48 cm
  • Total length: 68 cm
  • Keys: 19-21
  • Extension: E2 / A4
  • Standard Tuning: E2 A2 D3 G3
Koki'o is the Hawaiian national flower (hibiscus) that inspired us to create this line of ukuleles.We have therefore followed our goal of offering high quality tools at a reasonable price. All Koki'o Ukulele convince with quality features, which are usually found only in the most expensive Ukuleles
low Kamoa
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Low Ukulele

low Kamoa

Enjoy a full sound and the unique experience of the new E3E acoustic bass™. Tuned as a bass an octave higher sol3, re3, la2, mi2 (EADG) with special coated strings, with soundboard in solid fir wood, back in maple. The sound of the new Kamoa E3E™ BASS is unparalleled: price and limited size adapt to any need.
Low Ukulele

shortbassone 12 Fretted

The Shortbass-One New version!! it is a truly acoustic instrument the real alternative to the double bass with the advantage of reduced measures.
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