Low Ukulele

The Ubass is a true short scale bass. The only thing it has in common with the ukulele is that it is the same length as the baritone ukulele.

  • Vibrating length48 cm
  • Total length: 68 cm
  • Keys: 19-21
  • Extension: E2 / A4
  • Standard Tuning: E2 A2 D3 G3
Low Ukulele

Koki'o solid top spruce-mahogany EQ fretted bass

Koki'o is the Hawaiian national flower (hibiscus) that inspired us to create this line of ukuleles.We have therefore followed our goal of offering high quality tools at a reasonable price. All Koki'o Ukulele convince with quality features, which are usually found only in the most expensive Ukuleles
low Kamoa
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Low Ukulele

low Kamoa

Enjoy a full sound and the unique experience of the new E3E acoustic bass™. Tuned as a bass an octave higher sol3, re3, la2, mi2 (EADG) with special coated strings, with soundboard in solid fir wood, back in maple. The sound of the new Kamoa E3E™ BASS is unparalleled: price and limited size adapt to any need.
Low Ukulele

shortbassone 12 Fretted

The Shortbass-One New version!! it is a truly acoustic instrument the real alternative to the double bass with the advantage of reduced measures.
Kala Solid Ubass Cappuccino...
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Low Ukulele

Kala Solid Ubass Cappuccino Fretted

Kala Brand Music Co.
The Kala U-BASS is really a small-scale bass that produces the same tones as a standard bass instrument. This model is made in Kala's Custom Shop in Petaluma, California, USA.
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