BOOK - Ukulele in the classroom 3...

BOOK - Ukulele in the classroom 3 Teacher

BOOK - Ukulele in the classroom 3 Teacher



Ukulele in the classroom 3 Teacher is the book dedicated to teachers available for every book in the Classroom Ukulele. These volumes clarify the key points, and learning outcomes for each lesson, as well as useful suggestions for extension and enrichment. Detailed and easy to follow, these guides are a highly recommended resource for teachers.

In this book you will find: 40 fun lessons with lots of creative exercises. You will learn more than two dozen chords to learn accompanied by singing, strumming techniques and many exercises dedicated to duets and trios. All lessons contain practical notions of music theory.


The solid foundation of skills acquired through the first two books allows students to move into the increasingly exciting repertoire of book 3. Through the lessons in this book, students explore minor chords and keys, learn how to use a flatpick, and discover how to transpose chords and scales.

In addition to the practice of first-sight reading, harmony, music theory and exercises, Book 3 is full of exciting music from around the world. Also important are traditional music from Spain, Hawaii, France, Bulgaria, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Canada, Dominican Republic, United States, England, Scotland and Wales, as well as arrangements of works by Handel, Dvorák, Purcell, Ponchielli, and Bach.

Pages: 72

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