BOOK - Ukulele Heaven (book+cd)
BOOK - Ukulele Heaven (book+cd)

BOOK - Ukulele Heaven (book+cd)

BOOK - Ukulele Heaven (book+cd)


A fantastic tribute to the ukulele and its greatest supporters, past and present. It contains 17 classics and 8 new songs, a historical introduction and many original cover illustrations. All songs are presented with full lyrics and chord grids. It contains a selected discography of ukulele recordings and a list of useful web-sites. Most of the soundtrack songs from the movie "Stanley's Gig" (2000), starring Faye Dunaway, can be found in this book.

A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody Irving Berlin
All That I Ask Of You Is Love Music:Herbert Ingraham Words:Edgar Selden
Any Time Herbert Happy Lawson
Blue Music:Lou Handman Words:Grant Clarke & Edgar Lesli
Goodbye, Old Boy Ian Whitcomb
Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti-Island Leslie Alleyn
Lone Pine Blues Ian Whitcomb
Mexicali Rose Music:Jack B Tenney Words:Helen Stone
Moon Of Waikiki Al Bernard & Russell Robinson
Moonlight With Conrad
Pasadena Music:Harry Warren Words:Clarke & Leslie
Sierra Sue Joseph B Carey
Somebody Stole My Gal Leo Wood
Someday Sweetheart John C Spikes & Benjamin Spikes
Story Book Farm Ian Whitcomb
The Uke Is On The March Ian Whitcomb
They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii Music:Halsey K Mohr Words:Joe Goodwin
Twelve O'clock At Night Music:Lou Handman Words:Billy Rose & Herman Ruby
Ukie's Tune Ian Whitcomb
Ukulele Heaven Ian Whitcomb
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturd George Meyer Lyrics:Sam M Lewis & Joe Young
Who Wants A Bad Little Boy? Music:Joe Burke Words:Mark Fisher
Will I Feel Like A Fool (In The Morning) Ian Whitcomb
Wurzel Fudge In London Ian Whitcomb
Yaaka Hula Hickey Ula E Ray Goetz, Joef Young & Pete Wendling

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