BOOK - 20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo...

BOOK - 20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo Instructor, (Book/CD Set)

BOOK - 20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo Instructor, (Book/CD Set)


Fashionable and evocative American m elodie of the 19th century,originally collected for the fretless minstrel banjo; many of these songs were taught to Tom Briggs in the plantations of the South, and are the sound of Mixing old black banjo music with European dances, a new popular music was born, and, in the decades thatfollowed, it would be transformed into ragtime and jazz. Rob MacKillop transcribed these pieces for fingerstyle ukulele. They sound good either on a standard uke or on a ukulele banjo. The CD recording contains performances of all 20 songs by Rob MacKillop on a ukulele banjo.

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