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Koki\'o Mahogany Concerto

Koki'o Mahogany Concert

Sales price: 97,90 €
The Ukulele makes you dream of its Hawaiian home. Many nice things are associated with the Hawaiian feeling like sun, beach, ocean, hula, surfing und many more. The Hawaiian national flower koki’o (hibiscus) inspired us to create this ukulele product line.
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koki'o Palau Mahogany Concerto

U-PALAU-C koki'o Palau Mahogany concert

Sales price: 107,80 €
The Palau Ukulele carrying the Bai theme (tradtitional men meeting house) is an instrument with a distinct and unique design. Not only thanks to the hand-painted art by Palauan artist Fonzie Shickich – it´s also about the story behind the creation process of this very special Ukulele.



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