Fluke HIBISCUS tenor

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Sales price: 305,19 €

Fluke HIBISCUS tenor

TOP | North American Birch
BACK AND SIDE | Injection molded ABS with fiber glass reinforcement

neck | HARD maple
Fingerboard | Injection molded Polycarbonate
BRIDGE | Bubinga with molded polycarbonate saddle

FINISH | matt
total length | 62 cm
body length | 29 cm
scale length | 43,5 cm
body width | 19 cm
body depth | 7 cm
fretboard dots | 5, 7, 12
frets |
STRINGS | aquila


Created by Dale Webb, this non-traditional take on the ukulele features a unique composite construction of wood and injection molded thermoplastic. The combination of wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body, yields a musical instrument with full, bright tonal qualities, is comfortable to hold, tremendously durable, and stands up on its end! It's everyone's favorite - great for travel, adventure, or music class. The concert FLUKE has a 15.5" scale length, 15 frets and overall length of 23 inches. A solid maple neck, and laminate birch top, are combined with an injection molded thermoplastic body and polycarbonate fretboard creating a full, bright tone, unmatched at this price. The tenor FLUKE has the same body size with a 17" scale and overall length of 24.5". Like the concert, the tenor easily accommodates GCEA tuning but can also handle the lower DGBE tuning (high D). Both sizes can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs as well as with pickup options. All Fluke models come standard with Aquila strings. Over 25,000 made, proudly, in the USA.

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