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Teach Yourself!

In Internet you can found everything, You Tube is an almost inexhaustible source of lessons of ukulele.

This is one technician cite: like mounting a undersaddle pick-up on own ukulele in 20 min. :


the pick-up you can find :




both stores offer also the assembly service, to payment obviously.

We go now to our lessons of ukulele:




in this beautiful site found l' tuner, a funny instrument in order to try the agreements in every tonality and above all with any tuning you have decided to use, and some songs play-along, that is with a system type karaoke in which you the agreements are shown while listened to music.


it is a rich place of lessons video, blog, councils, to lose the afternoons and the nights… if it suffers from insomnia you can follow the lessons from the alive one, enrolling itself to the mailing list (also on facebook) are come informed with a mail of when they happen, otherwise are watched in differed. Councils can be written own comments on the lessons and be asked with regard to.



nearly 90 songs of beatles the play-along: in style karaoke, the words to sing and the design of the agreements appear, with agreements comfortable and rather easy to follow


the richest site of councils, a page with a real course step step, and more than 360 songs arranged for ukulele, with the scheme of the agreements, printable, often with several levels of difficulty or various tonalities. it is the site dell' ukuleleclub of glastonbury. inspiration in many ways can some be drawn.


….but all this is in English! But once that you they have been shown the infinity potentialities of yours they orchestrate, if felt the need of a healthy and sure ITALIAN guide go with confidence to


and you will find all what you servants. Own all.

Because not ve l' I have indicated for first? Because otherwise more you would not have watched the rest!


… to this point do not forget to sigh-in also you in the official list of the ukulelisti world-wide:


… and, as Roy says, a texano friend (ukulelista, obviously):

keep smiling, keep strumming!






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